Pulp Therapy

Your children's baby teeth are important for the development of their adult teeth. Our dentist for children provides pulp therapy which may be necessary to care for primary teeth.

What is tooth pulp?

The pulp of a tooth is the inner, central core of the tooth and contains blood vessels and nerves.

Dental cavities and trauma to the tooth are the primary reasons for children to undergo pulp therapy.

Why might my child require pulp therapy?

Your child may need pulp therapy if they have:

  • Tooth pain for no reason
  • A tooth that is sensitive to temperature changes
  • A broken tooth

Your pediatric dentist may recommend pulp therapy to save your child’s tooth.

Why are baby teeth important to save?

Primary teeth are needed for chewing and speaking, and they also serve as space savers for permanent teeth.

Without the primary teeth to guide growing teeth, existing neighbouring teeth can crowd in, causing permanent teeth to grow in crooked or tilted.

The two forms of pulp therapy for children’s teeth are vital pulp therapy for primary teeth (pulpotomy) and non-vital pulp therapy for primary teeth (pulpectomy).

Contact our Toronto pediatric dental team to see if pulp therapy is right for your child.

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